Bigg Boss 17: Fight between Khanzadi and Munawar Faruqui

New twists are being seen in the house of Bigg Boss 17. Now Bigg Boss has announced a new task for the housemates. In which the family members took out their anger on each other by playing card games.

Day 32 of Bigg Boss 17 started with a fight between Khanzadi and Munawar Farooqui. Khanzadi talks to Jigna about ration and then Munawwar says that you have become cold already, after which Khanzadi shouts and says that you have become cold ever since you were nominated.

Khanzadi shouts and says you think that I will not say anything but I will say whatever I feel. You have to speak by pulling things from here to there. Looks like a rooster as the rooster crows. After this the atmosphere of the entire house becomes hot.

After this Abhishek also says that you only follow the rules for others. Abhishek shouts and says take the medicine and go to bed and sleep. After this Khanzadi starts crying bitterly. Jigna also says that if you do it yourself then it is right and if others do it then it is wrong, that is the system of Khanzadi.

While sitting in the garden, Neel and Aishwarya laugh, and then Khanzadi comes in between and says that no one will talk about me. After this Aishwarya says that we do not enjoy like you people. On this matter, Abhishek says that you cannot speak like this, and only then does Aishwarya say sorry.

Bigg Boss says – It is the week of Diwali so today is Diwali bash in the house. There is an exclusive event for this. Only the one who gets the invitation will be able to attend this party. From now on, invites will keep coming from time to time, if your number is applied then the door of Bigg Boss Diwali Bash will open for you.

After this, some family members including Mannara, Ankita, Munavvar, and Samarth got the invite. In this Diwali bash, the family members posed a lot in front of the paparazzi.

While playing a card game, Mannara Chopra spoke ill of Munavvar and said that he always has to be seen whether he is needed or not. After this, while commenting on Khanzadi, Arun says that ‘it does not have any issue of its own, wherever you look, it drips in the middle’.

While attacking Khanzadi, Arun said, ‘In this game, you just have to jump in the middle of everyone’s fight and be seen in front of the camera’. Meanwhile, Abhishek Kumar also comments on Khanzadi that she only knows how to break boys’ hearts, she insists on going home only when she gets nominated.

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